a child’s right Joins GWC, Launches ProvingIt

Around the world, children are forced to drink unsafe water at home and in schools,  orphanages and even medical facilities.  a child’s right (acr) was founded in 2006 on the simple belief that every child has the right to clean water. Their vision, as they say, is “a world with clean water for all children — and a museum telling of when it was not so.”

acr works in China, India, Cambodia, Nepal, Vietnam, Thailand and Ethiopia, partnering with local organizations that serve vulnerable children.  From the start, a joint team of acr and on-site staff work together to plan and install water purification systems, drinking water stations and hand washing stations.  To promote sustainability, acr guarantees ten years of safe water through ongoing support and monitoring of the project and offers minor support for the second project decade, once the facilities have shifted to local control.

They train local staff at each site (like school leaders or hospital staff), forging strong working relationships in the first ten years so that beginning in the eleventh year, the local owners of the water systems will be prepared to perform routine operations and maintenance of the system.  After twenty years, they will have built the knowledge and buy-in necessary to make clean water solutions endure.

acr recently reaffirmed their commitment to sustainability and transparency by launching ProvingIt, a website to track the impact of donations over the years.  The site not only tells how the money was spent, but also shows real time updates and quality reports, including if a project fails or anything goes wrong.

acr rigorously monitors their impact and constantly updates their beneficiary number to reflect only those who benefit from functioning systems at a given moment.  This number is not simply a cumulative count of all children ever served; it is a living number that goes up and down to show the number of the children who are actively drinking safe water as a result of acr projects.  This full transparency approach not only informs acr’s donors about their donation, but it also helps acr track progress, find out quickly when something goes wrong, fix it and learn from mistakes.

For more information on acr and ProvingIt, visit a child’s right’s website.

a child’s right and the Baluddhar school from a child’s right on Vimeo.

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