No More Money Down the Drain: Draft WASH Sustainability Charter Released

During the second WASH Sustainability Forum on January 14, 2011, participants brainstormed ideas and concepts for a common definition and guiding principles of WASH sustainability. As a result of these discussions, Global Water Challenge (GWC), Water For People, Aguaconsult and Deloitte have worked together to summarize the ideas and concepts into a draft WASH Sustainability Charter.

As discussed during the Sustainability Forum, the purpose of the Charter is to unify the WASH sector around a common vision and definition for WASH sustainability, regardless of one’s role or perspective. The Charter is built upon a common mission statement and guiding principles that enable the mission, as illustrated in the graphic below. The mission and principles are the core foundation for establishing consensus and consistency for WASH sustainability.  And, while the practices and metrics that support this core foundation may vary across organizations and throughout the sector, over time “best practices” and related metrics will emerge and be shared throughout the sector.

Today, we are looking for your help to finalize the charter. Your feedback will be combined with that from other practitioners, donors, academics, and public sector stakeholders into the final Charter.

Click here to view the WASH Sustainability Charter, and here to provide feedback.

The Sustainability Charter is no longer open for public comment.  The final version of the Charter will be posted on the GWC website.

Updated 5 May 2011.

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